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How do I set up Aircall integration
How do I set up Aircall integration

Get speech analytics, agent coaching, calls review and auto-review for your Aircall calls.

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Aircall Integration Overview

Connect Aircall to Ender Turing to get Speech Analytics and agent self-coaching to the next level.

Here's what to expect when you connect to Ender Turing: When you integrate your Aircall account with the Ender Turing platform, Ender Turing will be able to access data and information from your Aircall account. Those types of data are outlined below;

  • Calls: Ender Turing platform will translate all audio calls to text.

  • Agent IDs: You can filter calls by agent/group and provide feedback/coaching to the agent.

  • Customer phone number’s: You will be able to filter calls by customer phone number.

  • Call Date and Time: You can filter/group calls by date range to make flexible reports and automation.

You can remove the integration in the Ender Turing app by navigating to Apps > Connected Apps > Aircall and clicking Uninstall.

You can also revoke Ender Turing’s access from within your Aircall account by following the instructions.

Aircall Integration Initialization

To set up Aircall integration, please open Ender Turing App Marketplace.

Open 'Connected Apps' in the Navigation pane:

In the opened window, select 'Visit App Marketplace':

And select 'Install' on the Aircall application:

After that, please read carefully what to expect from the application and press 'Install Aircall':

Setting Up Integration

As the first step of integration, you will be asked to Authorize Ender Turing Application to synchronize calls and metadata from Aircall into Ender Turing. Please press 'Authorize' to proceed to the next step:

Press 'Add numbers' to specify for which numbers you want integration to synchronize data:

Select number/s and press the 'Confirm' button:

As the final step, press the 'Add numbers' button:

After the integration is configured, you will see the 'Connection status' in the Ender Turing system:

Removing the Integration

To remove the integration click Actions -> Uninstall:

and press 'Yes' button:

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